Las Posadas 2015

First Annual Cousins’ LAS POSADAS 2015

We recreated our own version of the Christmas event that we remembered our grandparents held every year when we were children.

We initiated this as the First Annual Cousins’ (AKA Younger Generations) Las Posadas (Spanish for “The Inns”) 2015.

This is a picture of the Nativity set on loan from cousin Rachel. Oh such a sweet Baby Jesus. You can see some of the new innovations we conceived were the battery-operated candles we all lit and carried until they were laid around the Holy Family.  (Safety and beauty).

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Joseph and Mary find shelter and Baby Jesus is received with #purejoy!

An original photo by Yolanda at YKP Global Ventures LLC, in our home where we gathered on 12 Dec 2015.

Historical Notes: Remembering back (we tried to remember) – we used to go from house to house with lit candles in hand. (We had candles because Las Posadas was usually held at night and it was a bit cold in December.) We would go in procession following the young men carrying a pallet with statues of the Holy Family.

For this re-enactment to work, a couple other neighbor families would be enlisted ahead of time to be ready at their doors to open and respond to the request for shelter.

At that point (as we remembered it), the leader would knock on their door and ask for shelter. The neighbor had to say something like “No room in the inn“, and close their door. Oh how awful for the Holy Family. It tugged at little one’s hearts. Yes, I know. 

Then on to the next house as we sang songs and followed along, only to hear the knock again, and this time the family says “go away, I’m tired”. (… our emotions and memories are bubbling up in our hearts so many years later…)

Finally we would arrive at the host family’s house and the knock is heard, the question asked, and the happy response “we have a simple cave where the animals rest” and the Holy Family of Joseph and a very pregnant Mary happily accept the offer to spend the night there.

Then the Baby Jesus is born and is placed in his niche of straw.

He is lovingly surrounded by his Mother Mary and foster father Joseph. There are many Angels, the Three Wise Men and sheppards, all in adoration, along with their lambs, goats, donkeys, cows and horses whose breathe is giving the newborn Baby some warmth.

In this Modern-Day Version: We gathered around 3pm on a Saturday afternoon with first cousins, 2nd and 3rd cousins. #PureJoy!!

We pre-positioned my husband Kevin at our master bedroom door to be the first Innkeeper.  He opened the door with a big smile but said “No room” and closed the door. Then at the laundry room door, our new daughter-in-law Ashley played her part very well, yawning and saying something like “Go away, I’m tired.

Finally, we came to the place where Baby Jesus and His Mother and St Joseph were already waiting for us. Ever so sweetly, the children and we adults all placed our lit candles around Him.

A potluck was enjoyed by all, with mmmm good hot Tamales, Aroz con Pollo (chicken and rice) and more, plus tea, water and freshly ground organic coffee with ground chocolate from the newlyweds’ Mitch and Ashley’s honeymoon to Dominican Republic. Desserts included the sweet Reindeer pops from our friend Liz at “Popstickels” (see her FB page) 🙂

#LasPosadas #Traditions #MyhometownSanAntonio
Merry Christmas and Joy to all in Our Home Town #MyHomeTownSanAntonio

Sharing just a bit of our memories and the joy of the Season. May your 2016 be blessed, illuminated with the smiles of many friends and family, #pureJoy, #Gratitude, #Legacy and #Traditions.  From #MyhometownSanAntonio to yours!

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