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2014 is turning out to be a stimulating year for the Passionate!

In January, we said Farewell to 2013, and toasted in the New Year.
Happy New Year to you, and many more 🙂
(Thanks to Ted Francis who published this Jan 1, 2014 on YouTube. Video By: Carlos Pena Category: Travel & Events; License: Standard YouTube License. Please click on Info button at top right for video details.)

February felt the call to see and hear Andrea Bocelli on the special “Love in Portofino”. There was a “cinema trailer” that caught my attention and fascination. It was announcing a special airing for Valentine’s Day.  I do so hope you’ll take a couple minutes and view this beautiful video. It is so magnificant. Need I say more? Watch now, then we’ll talk some more! Thank you.

Then as I made a date with my husband for Valentine’s day to see this, I realized that it was a re-post from 2013!
Oh well, it was fabulous every time we listened and watched the YouTube. It was so much fun and boosted my spirit with sublime feelings just to imagine being there in the audience, and then to create excitement for others to have this experience. Andrea Bocelli has the most beautiful tenor voice. I do hope you’ll watch this YouTube to get a glimpse into his talent to stir the soul and heart through the power of his voice and presence. Then, imagine yourself being in the amazingly romantic setting in Italy by the ocean. Woah, it must be incredible.
It’s such a joy to be filled with the music of his voice, the fabulous orchestra and accompanists, and seeing the faces of those sitting in the outdoor fresco by the sea so mesmerized by the performance.
(Thanks to publisher and singer Andrea Bocelli for this great YouTube video. Studio album, Passione. Category: Music. License: Standard YouTube License. Please click on Info button at top right for more video details.)

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