Living and Loving TEXAS, USA

Greetings from TEXAS and Yolanda the Promoter.

Come take a tour, and enjoy some of our many beautiful places.

So many though…will need to revisit soon 🙂

TSHA, Corpus Christi TX, 5-7 Mar 2015
Yolanda Parker, TSHA, 5-7 Mar 2015, Corpus Christi TX
Yolanda at Hands N Harmony, Universal City TX
Yolanda at Hands N Harmony, Universal City TX, 2015
San Antonio Botanical Garden, 2015
Yolanda Parker, San Antonio Botanical Garden, 2015
God Bless
God Bless America!
God Bless Texas!
Amen!     2017
Year of Mercy, 2016
Papal Decree: Year of Mercy, 2016. Yolanda at Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Door of Mercy, New Braunfels TX
Alamo, Texas, 2015
Yolanda Parker at the Alamo, Texas, 2015
Alamo, Family
Visiting the Alamo, Family Traditions, 2017
Alamo, Race for the Cure 5K, Apr 2015
Yolanda Parker – Passing Alamo as we “Race for the Cure” 5K, April 2015, Bobbi’s Bosom Buddies
Race for the Cure, 5K, San Antonio TX, 11 Apr 2015
Yolanda Parker, Race for the Cure, 11 April 2015, San Antonio TX
Seagulls, Corpus Christi TX, 2015
Yolanda Parker, Seagulls, Corpus Christi TX, 2015
Going through the highways and byways, always a pleasure in our beloved TEXAS.

Come check Texas out.  The Riverwalk in San Antonio Texas has miles of trails to walk, bike, skate or run. Many of the hotels on the river, have easy access to the walkways. River taxis also pass by routinely.

Getting hungry? Lots of restaurants of all types, and plenty of variety!

We always love to go to El Mercado, a shopping experience downtown San Antonio. Mi Tierra’s Mexican Restaurant is a favorite to take our family and friends as soon as they arrive at San Antonio International Airport. Mi Tierra’s is open 24 hours, and always have strolling Mariachis ready to sing a song for a small price 🙂  Enjoy!

The coastline is easy to reach. Just included Corpus Christi Texas. We always grab a loaf of bread so we can throw chunks of bread in the air – watch out for the seagulls, they are quick, but it’s so fun to see them swoop in for the bread and allow us to take great pictures!

Until next time, may you be blessed in all your travels, and may all your days be joyous!  Yolanda

Texas, Fields, Spring Flowers, 2015
Yolanda Parker, Texas, Fields of Spring Flowers, 2015

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