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Mom's Memorial, 11 Sep 1926 to 24 March 2014
Mom’s Memorial, 11 Sep 1926 to 24 March 2014

Back to the beginning. Shortly before my mother’s final journey, I attended a seminar by ALLONE at The Woodlands TX with my little sister on the 25th of February. The next day, we decided to make a side trip to Louisiana to prospect and check out holistic shops…but found little information on such short notice. As we headed back to Texas, we stopped at Spirit Quest in Old Town Spring, Spring TX, to connect with owners Chris and Ginger Pennell for possible interviews at a later date. I also wanted an appointment on the color light therapy bed. It turned out it was too short of notice to get a treatment then but we were excited to see their store’s amazing crystals and to sign up for their Old Town Spring Ghost tour that night. That day was a true Divine Appointment as my little sister found a very special crystal skull that Chris and Ginger had brought from Colorado. He was sitting on a top shelf, sunning himself.

ParkerCrystalSkull, from Brazil to Colorado to TexasReiki and Color Therapy at Spirit Quest

When I asked to hold him, everyone said they saw rainbows, but I saw his head filled with what looked like columns of pink quartz, one of my favorite stones, because it is good for the Heart. We left the store, still talking about the crystal skull, and half way down the street I asked my sister to turn back. I felt I had been given a clear sign. Yes, I brought him back to my sister’s house, and we then went back for the Ghost Tour (www.springghosttourcom)… The next day March 1st, I returned to Spirit Quest to talk with Chris and Ginger, and promised to return with my crystal skull. I took their picture and felt they would miss him.Ginger and Chris Pennell, Spirit Quest, Old Town Spring, Spring TX

So much happened with our little mother going into the hospital in late March, then hospice and her passing on the 24th of March. Just before we got the call about mom going into the hospital on the 19th of March, I had made arrangements to go to Austin TX to meet the famous Max Crystal Skull and his keeper JoAnn Parks at Fran Tatu’s Tree of Life Sanctuary. That was cancelled as we began the final goodbyes with our mother, bless her. By this time, my little sister and I had communicated with my new crystal skull and found that he was his own consciousness, and he liked “Parker”. Perhaps he liked the similarity to JoAnn Parks, and as still giving him his own identity as our child. Kevin’s favorite show at the time featured “Parker”, the strong young man mining diamonds in Alaska. So after all the life events for mom were done, my nerves were on end, I took myself to see “Heaven is For Real” at theatre, and then made some calls to ask about doing interviews in Houston.

Diane Gremmel, Famous Houston Psychic, Medical Intuitive On the 6th of May, I drove to Houston, and by the next day, 7 May, we were having lunch with Diane Gremmel, famous Houston psychic and medical intuitive, and a wonderful friend to my little sister Helena Abbassi and me. Diane is such a generous soul, she treated us with such love and joy. True joy. When you watch our interview video, you will see what I mean. I loved working with her.

Diane Gremmel 

Diane even helped me get a second interview with Autumn Downing, who is in music ministry, and who helped videotape Diane and me there at the Edgar Cayce Houston Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) Center, downtown Houston TX. We experienced so much more joy as my sister and I also stayed for Diane’s class at the ARE Center. Parker Crystal Skull became the focus at his first outing with a group. He loved the attention. Autumn is a student of Diane’s and she sang her new song. I want to include it with her interview, so for now, we will let you see her picture holding Parker Crystal Skull…and promise to update soon with her interview.

On the 8th of May, we returned to Spirit Quest with Parker the Crystal Skull to see his “surrogate parents”. We videotaped the color and sound therapy with Reiki by Ginger Pennell, and Parker Crystal Skull added his energy to our therapeutic sessions. Chris and Ginger also told us more of his history – coming from Brazil to Colorado to Texas through them! More Joy and Blessings!

On the 10th, I interviewed Ginger McCord, Houston Astrologer and Indigo Sun Magazine owner, editor and publisher of more than 22 years. We met her at Lucia’s Garden in downtown Houston TX, and my little sister was again the golden link who connected Ginger and me. A happy reunion for Ginger and Helena, and a Divine Appointment for all of us. <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>  While we were at Lucia’s Garden, we had tea from the shop next door that is brought over by the owner, and dessert. Joel Miles introduced his Arthur the Crystal Skull to Parker Crystal Skull, and I talked to him about doing an interview next time. Lucia was away, so on my next trip, I hope to connect with Ginger for a follow-up, and with Joel and Lucia for new interviews! Stay tuned!!  Ginger McCord, Houston Astrologer and Indigo Sun Magazine Owner, Editor and Publisher” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

What an adventure! My spirit was lifted and all I can do is sing their praises. When we go outside ourselves, we truly are opening ourselves to beauty of divine inspiration.

Now that we have returned from our trips to Houston TX area, Austin TX, Louisiana, Iowa and Illinois, here are our Houston interviews and our story line through pictures and YouTube Interviews. Please enjoy, and let us know your thoughts and impressions. Thank you.

Parker Crystal Skull at Edgar Cayce ARE Center, Houston TX
Parker Crystal Skull at Edgar Cayce ARE Center, Houston TX
Autumn with ParkerCrystalSkull
Autumn with ParkerCrystalSkull

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